At LOCK IT UP Self Storage, we have more than 30 years of experience in the storage business and know exactly what it takes to handle storing your items. Whether you are currently in the process of moving or you simply do not have enough room for all of your belongings, these tips should help you to store your items and have a positive experience. We are always available to answer the questions that you may have about our secure facilities.


A few storage tips we would like to share with you include:

  • It is important to plan ahead - put the items you use the least in the back and the items you would like to access close to the front

  • Leave space or an aisle way for you to access items in the back

  • Protect your belongings with a tarp, plastic wrap, or put sensitive items in plastic boxes to keep dirt and bugs out

  • If you are planning to stack boxes or other items, stack with the heaviest on the bottom and the lightest on top

  • Make use of the space you have by breaking down any items you can, and stacking chairs or other boxes

  • If you have any larger items like bookshelves or refrigerators, use them to store other items

  • It is important to also leave space along the edges of your unit for ventilation purposes

  • Ensure that you do not leave anything toxic or scented in your storage units, such as gas-powered tools or gas tanks


Space Guide

Whether you need to add a closet or a garage to your home or a mini-warehouse to your business, Lock It Up Self Storage has secure and clean self storage facilities to suit your needs -- and your budget. Below you will find a guide to estimating your storage needs.


Please Note: Sizes are Approximate.

Storage Guide & Tips

Advice for Packing, Moving, and Storing Your Belongings