Self Storage Blog

  • Self-storage facilities generally do not provide insurance and disclaim liability for damage or loss to your stored property.

  • Tenant insurance is intended to cover property stored inside a storage unit in the event of a burglary, damage or loss and some include fire, flooding, weather damage and more.

  • Commercial storage units have slightly different rules than regular storage units depending on the scale of the business. But remember, unless you rent an office, retail or commercial space specifically, you're not allowed to work or conduct business inside a storage unit.

  • Never store anything on top of the mattress. Heavy objects can damage the springs. Also, heavy objects create more wear to the exterior. To make the best use of space, place the mattress on top of other objects, like pallets or other flat-topped furniture items.

  • Clean your mattress by vacuuming, using cleaner, and air drying.

  • Wrap your mattress in a mattress storage bag or plastic.

  • Store your mattress flat and clear of items to protect the springs.

  • Store In a climate controlled unit for best results

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