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How to winterize your RV for storage?

  • Drain the Water System: Any water left in the plumbing system can freeze and break fittings and lines

  • Prepare the Exterior: Do a thorough inspection of the roof, sidewalls, seams, windows, exterior doors and access panels. Reseal or re-caulk any holes or cracks that will prevent water from getting in

  • Choose a Safe Location & storage facility

  • Cover Up Your RV: Weather such as rain, snow, wind, and sun can damage your paint, panels, walls, and more.

  • Protect the Tires: Tires may be susceptible to damage due to UV rays from the sun. Protect your tires with covers that are often available at your RV dealership

  • Save Your Batteries: Disconnect batteries and store them in a cool dry place for longer-lasting batteries.


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