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Thinking of using self storage in the winter?

Here are some tips for using self-storage in the winter.

  1. Ensure All Items Are Clean: Before storing anything in a storage unit, it’s important to ensure all items are clean. Storing belongings that aren’t clean can result in mold, mildew, or corrosion forming.

  2. Ensure All Items Are Prepared for Storage: Depending on what you’re storing in your storage unit, different items will require different preparation. For example, make sure all appliances are clean and dry.

  3. Prevent Moisture Damage: While it’s always a good idea to use pallets to elevate your belongings in your storage unit, during the winter, it's especially important. As the ground gets damp during the winter, it’s possible for moisture to seep up from the floor of your storage unit. If you have boxes or items touching the floor, they may be exposed to moisture damage.

  4. Understand What Not to Store: With a traditional storage unit rental, some items shouldn’t be stored during the winter. Electronics, leather or wooden furniture, and battery-operated items should never be stored in a traditional storage unit during the winter.

  5. Form a Wall: To shield more sensitive items from the damaging cold, use items that aren’t temperature sensitive to form a wall around your storage unit. Moving more sensitive items into the interior of your storage unit will help to protect them from extreme fluctuations.

  6. Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit: The best way to store items in the winter is to use a climate-controlled storage unit. A climate-controlled storage unit will prevent the temperature from dropping too cold in the winter and getting too warm in the summer.


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